Supply Chain



Build your supply chain process without skipping a beat.

Take advantage of early payment discounts by financing through Qualified Merchant! We allow your business to pay off suppliers and build a stronger supply chain. Lenders will deal with suppliers directly so you only have to deal with us. Our professionals will assemble the perfect supply chain for your needs and with the help of our financing, you can depend on an active and lucrative operation.

Supply chain financing focuses on the capital you need to build a supply chain based on suppliers. It is often a stand-alone lending endeavor.





  • Allows for assets to be used in other contracts and supply chains
  • A wide range of maturity periods grants you flexibility
  • No need to sacrifice your own equity
  • Expand the range of your business, fast!

At Qualified Merchant, our experienced professional experts are on your side. When you need funding, you can count on us!

Please Contact our sales representative or send us a query and we will provide you our immediate assistance.

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