Purchase Order



Close any deal with confidence.

At Qualified Merchant we help businesses close large deals every day. Our Purchase Order financing option allows our clients to close deals that might be beyond their current financial scope! This option grants enough capital to pay suppliers in order to get the supplies you need to complete an order.

Keep your cash where it belongs with our Purchase Order financing options and still pay your suppliers on time.





  • Allows the acceptance and completion of contracts that are beyond your current financial capabilities
  • Can cover the entire purchase order for supplies
  • Most clients do not require supplemental financing as this option pays the supplier the entire cost of goods
  • Excellent option for import and export endeavors
  • Allows any willing company to bid on high-profile contracts

At Qualified Merchant, our experienced professional experts are on your side. When you need funding, you can count on us!

Please Contact our sales representative or send us a query and we will provide you our immediate assistance.

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