Contract Based



Working capital funding for that big contract.

Contract finance helps with those individuals that require funding of a contract that has been secured by a business. This allows you to boldly acquire any contract no matter the size. This is a great option for those who may have the opportunity to land a large contract but do not have the funds to back it up. We provide access to quick and easy funding for any business need.

This type of contract will use the contract as collateral as well as any assets purchased with the funding provided that are related to fulfilling the contract.





  • Get 100% of the funding you need to fulfil a contract
  • No need to sacrifice equity to get capital
  • Allows access to larger, more lucrative contracts that help grow your business
  • Take advantage of funding instead of using your own capital

At Qualified Merchant, our experienced professional experts are on your side. When you need funding, you can count on us!

Please Contact our sales representative or send us a query and we will provide you our immediate assistance.

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