Trade Finance



There are many ways to finance your endeavors through trade options. Many of the trade options below are excellent ways to finance your business. If you are looking for funding but run a trade business, Qualified Merchant has the services you need!

Purchase Order

This option is for companies that have orders but do not have the capital to deliver on these orders. It is based on the credit of the customer and is best suitable for distributers that sell products that do not need to be assembled and require minimal overhead.

Production based

If purchase order financing sounds like something you are interested in but your company requires the assembly or high-level overhead for the completed product, then Production-based asset lending is for you. This type of financing adds value to your cash advance allowing enough capital to finish the complete product.

Contract based

Is your company a servicer or producer of goods and just won a contract for a large project or order? If so, then Contract Financing is right for you. The Qualified Merchant team will get you the lender you need to fulfill the contract and cover any gaps in financing that you require in order to complete the contract.

Supply Chain

The way Supply Chain Financing works is based in part on the credit of the client. This credit-based cash advance is given to those companies that need to pay a supplier in order to gain assets to start production.

Trade Credit

A trade credit is given to companies that have an established trade system but are lacking the capital to fulfill their part. Get the most of your trade system by our Trade Credit financing, this is an in-depth analysis of the trade mechanism of an organization and is affected by many factors.

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