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As a hotel management executive, there are two words that strike fear into your heart: maintenance and payroll. These two aspects of the hotel business, among many other things, are essential to keeping your guests happy. But without a solid base of capital, maintenance can be tough to keep up with, and making payroll can become tight.

Qualified Merchant can provide you with peace of mind

and a backup plan for when money is tight. We can find the safest and most efficient way to fund your daily business needs so you can think about more important things like making your guests happy.

“I just wanted to send you a Big Texas Thank You for your efforts at Qualified Merchants in securing a loan for us in 24 hours. Kim, thank you for all you have done. We will be customers for life due to your efforts and the others in your company.”
Dr. Ed Kieke, CEO
Koala Health and Wellness Centers, Inc.

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