Grocery Stores

Portrait of happy senior male owner standing arms crossed against shelves in supermarket

As a grocery store executive, you know that you are already operating at extremely low margins. So having capital on hand to maintain steady operations is key to your success. Buying inventory to keep customers happy, making payroll to reduce employee turnover, and affording logistics software to keep a pulse on products are all extremely important to your business’s success.

Qualified Merchant has over 20 years experience

customizing the safest and most efficient solutions to ensure that grocery stores have the capital they need to run smoothly and give customers amazing experiences.

“I just wanted to send you a Big Texas Thank You for your efforts at Qualified Merchants in securing a loan for us in 24 hours. Kim, thank you for all you have done. We will be customers for life due to your efforts and the others in your company.”
Dr. Ed Kieke, CEO
Koala Health and Wellness Centers, Inc.

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