Always have your fleet operating and well maintained

Freight Bill Factoring is an option used often by operators of freight trucks and ships that allows them to support their fleet via funding. This funding is based solely on operating history and is a viable option for many. Understanding the full nature of this type of funding is important because it can be used to pay for labor and maintenance as well.

This option is excellent for those companies that specialize in Freight and need to pay the cost of labor or overhead. It is also used to supplement maintenance fees and reduce downtime. We offer competitive rates and flexible terms with this option.





  • Save your equity by financing your sales endeavors
  • Maximize your sales by bridging the gap between jobs
  • Get fuel cards and other benefits by financing with one of our lenders
  • Get the most from your jobs with competitive rates

At Qualified Merchant, our experienced professional experts are on your side. When you need funding, you can count on us!

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