The right Accounts Receivable Factoring option for the right need.


This type of factoring is used for companies that rely on selling goods and services to commercial customers. Qualified Merchant is associated with a few high end factoring companies that can cover your needs.


This option is excellent for those companies that specialize in Freight and need to pay the cost of labor or overhead. It is also used to supplement maintenance fees and reduce downtime. We offer competitive rates and flexible terms with this option.


Companies that have acquired contracting projects for their commercial or government customers will benefit greatly from our Construction Factoring services. This allows contractors to get working capital which will aid them in paying labor and materials cost.


Healthcare organizations and private practices can use our Medical Factoring to secure payments from insurance companies. This aids in covering the gap between receiving an account and receiving the payout from an insurance company.


Need only funds for a specific part of your business? Spot Factoring allows for individual invoices to be selected as factorable. This option works best for companies that only have certain areas where they need to cover.

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