Business Funding



Small Business Loans

Profitable businesses have the opportunity to secure our Small Business Loans that will allow them to expand their business further. The Small Business Association (SBA) Financing Guidelines are used to determine the maximum funding a company can receive.

Government Funding

Take advantage of certain government organizations by expanding your business with guaranteed loans and funds. These organizations specialize in promoting certain parts of the United States economy such as Import/Export, Domestic manufacturing and Information Technology.

Cash Flow

Our non-asset secured options include Working Capital loans which depend on the credit of the applicant. These are normal standard loans that rely on credit. They are reserved for those individuals who wish to secure funding based on credit and are very useful in many situations.

Merchant Funding

This type of funding grants funds according to the history of credit card transactions. It is a useful tool for companies that wish to secure immediate resources against their future credit card transactions. Many retail organizations take advantage of this type of funding in order to expand.

Equipment Financing

Need funding for equipment? Qualified Merchant provides the most professional and reliable route to secure any industrial equipment. Equipment can be leased through our lenders and paid off as they are used. This type of funding relies on the credit of the applicant.

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