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Finance that incredible Real Estate project

At Qualified Merchant we have a professional track-record that shows a company that understands the needs of any organization. We are your connection, your consultants and your partners. Real Estate funding is available through our many Real Estate lending partners and is an excellent option for those who wish to secure cash advances based on property.

This type of a loan works with the Real Estate property your company owns to give high volume cash advances. The value is determined by one of our appraisal partners who also have a track record of being highly accurate.




  • No need to sacrifice equity in this asset-based cash advance loan
  • Allows companies to turn one property into many by using existing properties as collateral
  • Gives a buffer for operating expenses for companies that own property

At Qualified Merchant, our experienced professional experts are on your side. When you need funding, you can count on us!

Please Contact our sales representative or send us a query and we will provide you our immediate assistance.

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