Asset Based Lending Options

04 May
Asset Based Lending Options

Asset Based Lending Options

Asset Based Financing

We offer secure asset-based financing options available through our lenders. At Qualified Merchants, our highly experienced team is happy to introduce some of our various options.

As always,we offer the best financing options available for any business. Some of these can be combined with one another or with our other financing options.


This option is suitable for individuals that own equipment with capital value. Many types of heavy equipment can be used as collateral. A variety of cash advance rates are available with this option.


A proper foundation for asset based lending, Inventory finance is a good option for those who wish to borrow against these assets. Inventory Assets are evaluated and appraised, then a percent of their value is advanced.


The most accurate estimate for cash advance valuation is based on accounts receivables. The valuation involved in this yields the highest amount of cash advance since it is easier to convert. This is a very popular option for many businesses as well as lenders as it is mutually beneficial.

Intellectual Property

Own a slogan or a trademark? Financing based on Intellectual properties is a popular option for those companies that rely heavily on software and creatives. The intellectual property will be valued based on history and trends and then given a value.

Property Asset (Real Estate)

This is a popular option for many businesses who own large properties and those who rely on selling real-estate. It can be both a supplemental asset or as a standalone asset. Either way this option allows lenders to advance cash based on a value of certain properties.

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