Qualified Merchant is a premier provider of business funding solutions dedicated to building a strong strategy with our clients. Our flexible methods allow us to build custom plans that will optimize any financial need. Using a tried and tested method we acquire the exact needs of large financial organizations and analyze their equity needs including debt management and financing.


Our experts are trained in advanced funding techniques that cater to the most complex and difficult situations. We have a proven track record of resolving financial situations using our patented Asset Based lending techniques, business funding techniques and merchant cash advance methods.


We build our premise on the fact that we understand the value of business and courtesy. This allows us to create the best experience for our clients at the best rate without sacrificing service. Our specialists have serviced many different companies from a wide variety of fields.


In our care, our clients can feel at ease as we design our strategic initiative based exactly on their situation. They can rest assured as we open our knowledge and experience to clear a path towards their financial needs. As we try to build our relationships with our clients we learn all that we can about their financial situation. Our plethora of services are hybridized and used in conjunction with trained experts to give the most professional service out of any consulting firm.